[SDBUG] bandwidth withdrawls

David Hulton dhulton at nightfallsecurity.com
Mon Jan 29 03:31:39 PST 2001


> 	So my plee for help. my only other choice is richochet. Sure it
> has some latency, but is far better than dialup.. I need to find a good
> deal on ricochet, does anyone know of any providers that have any deals
> going? What would be even cooler is if anyone knows a ricochet beta tester
> that didnt opt to continue service, and would consider selling their
> device..

I just got service for my pcmcia ricochet modem and the only provider I
could find that supports it is wwc (wwc.com), which charges $30 for
setup and $75 a month. So if you end up getting a pcmcia modem you'll
either have to go with them or wait for the other providers to support
it (probably at least a month).

Another downside to the pcmcia modem is that I haven't been able to get
it to work under openbsd/freebsd as of yet (please, if anyone else on
the list has done it, drop me an email).

So anyway, if you're planning on going with ricochet I suggest that you
get the usb/serial modem because I've heard that it works fine under
*bsd and around 6 different providers support it already. (plus I've
heard it gets better reception then the pcmcia modems). I'm thinking of
getting a usb/serial one (around $100 when you sign up for service) just
so I can do stuff under *bsd and get some better reception in my
appartment. Also, on somewhat of a sidenote, there is another pcmcia
ricochet modem comming out in the summer by sierra wireless
(aircard 400) that might clear up some of the issues I've been talking

If you still wanna try out the novatel pcmcia modem, I believe subkor
(subkor at toorcon.com) has one that he doesn't use and will probably let
you borrow/buy.

> well, if you know anyone in that situation, please tell them I'll
> drop some cash for the device.. as long as it can be reactivated without
> much trouble.

To get setup right now with a pcmcia modem it'll cost the $30 setup to
go with wwc.com. If you get the usb/serial you can go with a different
service provider that has free setup. Setup is extremely easy, takes
about 5 minutes over the phone with a credit card to get activated.

> 	Sorry for the off topic post, but you guys are one of the most
> versatile tech groups I know in SD.

Good luck, and I hope the info helped,

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