[SDBUG] Meeting

Michael J McCafferty mike at m5computersecurity.com
Fri Jul 4 03:41:30 PDT 2003

         So, did anyone go to the meeting on the 3rd of July ? I looked for 
the few people I should know from the 2600 meetings and other places. I 
didn't see anyone, so I went to Victors (near by) and drank too much 
(That's what you do at Victor's).
         ...But just now, I double-checked the address in the e-mail 
against the location I *thought* the meeting was to be at (The address that 
I showed up at anyway).  Woops ! I guess I got it wrong. I went to the Boll 
Weevil on Convoy. I didn't even know that there was a BW on Clmt Mesa Blvd. 
(which is even closer to my house).

         Hi everyone, cool to have met you. Had a great time. Can't wait 
for the next one.  :o)

Mike "Reads Directions" McCafferty

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