[SDBUG] Re: pkg_add -r --does this alter config files?

Peter Leftwich Hostmaster at Video2Video.Com
Fri Oct 31 11:36:08 PST 2003

"Jeremiah Gowdy" <jeremiah at freedomvoice.com> wrote:

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> Subject: [SDBUG] pkg_add -r --does this alter config files?
>> There's something I'm not clear about for *most* packages... plus a
>> follow-up question:
>> 1] Let's say I have a program called "gaim" installed already, and
there is
>> a much much newer version out.  If I `pkg_add -rf gaim` is this likely
>> at once) to overwrite or otherwise modify my ~/.config files?  Or does
>> pkg_add process typically ONLY update the binary in /usr/local/bin/ and
>> necessary lib files?  It would seem safest to me if there were a
>> standard where only the executing of a binary either creates, modifies
>> or otherwise imports previous ~/.configrc and ~/config/files_etc files
>> - yes?
>> 2] Is the best way to keep up with good packages to keep my OS up to
>> date? In other words, it isn't likely that I'll find as many choices
>> for an older OS, is this true?  Thanks everyone.

> perhaps portupgrade with the -P or -PP option?
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I stubbornly refuse to use the ports, cvs, cvsup, or portupgrade.  I'd
rather slash and burn then install the latest version ANEW, then likely
import settings from an older version (if the binary was coded for that
kind of functionality).  Oh well.

Thank you for your offering however.

Peter Leftwich
President & Founder, Video2Video Services
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