Amit Chakradeo sdbug2 at spam.chakradeo.net
Fri Feb 13 22:49:12 PST 2004

On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 10:38:25PM -0800, Ben Lovett wrote:
> DynDNS will become my friend then.. Do you have any problems making 
> incoming
> connections to your machine? Such as ssh, and possibly ipsec, or any 
> other sort of tunnels (like, the kind used for ipv6 using gif tunnels)?
> Do they allow relaying of mail to hosts outside of their network? I 
> like being able to relay through my own SMTP server that is fully under 
> my control.. Even if they don't, its not a big deal, I can work around 
> it easily enough.
 Yes to all the questions. I do have a tunnel established with
 ipv6.he.net and it is pingable (ipv6.chakradeo.net).

 mail relay works ok. But I was frustrated by so many ISPs rejecting
 mails coming from the DSL dynamic pool, that I switched to sbc's
 smart relay. Can't say there is any difference, I still have full
 control on SMTP server, it just uses sbc servers for relay.

> >I had even posted my ppp.conf on this list, but can do so again if you
> >need...
> This is it, no: 
> http://www.sdbug.org/pipermail/sdbug/2003-March/002433.html  ?
 Yup. That was when I was using FreeBSD. OpenBSD config is also fairly


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