[SDBUG] San Diego Co-Location Horror Stories

Joseph A. Kitzman jkitzman at pdsys.net
Wed Aug 17 13:26:47 PDT 2005

A company I contract for is looking to take the plunge and move their in house servers to a datacenter.  I'm no stranger to the local datacenters, but I need to gather as much information on them as possible.  I've got a nice list of positives for each, and more technical information than any suit will have interest in.. i'm just really curious to hear what kind of horror stories you all may have from hosting here in San Diego.  

Power outages? Water leaks? Connectivity loss? Badge deactivation? Did their sales team treat you like dirt? Is their closest employee in Los Angeles?  Go back as far as possible if you can, time frame is of no concern to me.

An example: The week in August of 03', where Level 3's A/C blew hot air into a cabinet full of my SQL RAID arrays, and their out of city NOC wouldn't acknowledge that anything was actually wrong.  No apology or explaination even after we moved out. 

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