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Fri Feb 25 08:26:04 PST 2005

Timothy Cooper wrote:
> --- Jonathan Byrne <jonathan at yamame.org> wrote:
>>On Thursday 24 February 2005 01:05, Tony Godshall
>>>xfce 3.8.16-2 is the latests one for sarge(stable)
>>>to packages.debian.org.
>>That's the latest one for Woody.  Sarge is testing,
>>not stable, and both 
>>Sarge and Sid are at 4.0.5-1 for xfce, so he's
>>getting the expected 
>>If he really, really, really must have xfce 3, he
>>could use apt pinning 
>>to achieve that results, but as Ron mentioned, 4 is
>>nicer.  Plus, it 
>>avoids making things more complicated.  If both he
>>and the friend are 
>>newcomers to Debian or to Linux in general, I'd stay
>>with just using 
>>the sarge apt sources.
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>>SDBUG at sdbug.org
> The reason I prefer xfce3 over 4 is not because of the
> window manager itself but because of the nice tools it
> offers for simple window managers.
> For example, i like mwm because its fast and i get
> very good DVD framerates, etc.  Alot of tiny window
> managers dont offer alot of desktop amenities.  xfbd
> (included with 3 but not 4) alows you to change the
> desktop backdrop and have it remember it the next time
> you login.  xfbd -i gives you a gui that allows you to
> change it without messing with a script.  But the
> backdrop is integrated with the xfce4 and cant be used
> standalone.  Thats why I like 3.


The above from Timothy is pretty much the same reason we want to remain 
with XFCE3

Thanks for the response.

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