[SDBUG] Stuff I want to sell.. :)

Ben Lovett ben at tilderoot.com
Tue May 31 17:04:24 PDT 2005

I have a few items that I'd like to sell.. 

* Soekris net4501 -- $150 OBO
  - Comes with 802.11b PCI card
  - Soekris vpn1211

* Sun SPARCStation 20 w/dual SM75's, 128MB RAM (from memory) -- $50 OBO
  - diskless (but I can probably find a 1-2GB disk to put into it..)

* Apple Beige G3. 266MHz, 128MB if my memory serves -- $75 OBO
  - diskless (can probably find a disk for it..)

* Power Computer PowerTower Pro 250 (I'm pretty sure this is the correct
  model, I'll verify when I'm home) -- $30 OBO
  - diskless

I'm open to other offers, providing they are reasonable :)

I may have some more gear for sale in a couple of days ... Doing some
closet cleaning ;-)

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