[SDBUG] 6 hard disks for FreeBSD Server

Michael J McCafferty mike at m5computersecurity.com
Sat Oct 22 16:16:15 PDT 2005

Those Highpoints look to be a little less expensive than the 3Ware 
controllers I have been using for a few years now. But, any 6 drive 
controller is gonna be pricey. How much space does this guy need ? 
The space and performance requirements will dictate what controller he wants.

4 x 200 in RAID 5 = 600Gb of usable space. This option will have 
lower write performance than the 0+1 configuration that Ron 
suggested, but the card will cost less, the total solution will use 
less power, will generate less heat, might be a bit quieter, etc.

6 x 200Gb in RAID 5 will have the same lower write performance 
compared to the RAID 0+1 but will yield a Terabyte of space.

In both cases the read performance will be comparable to the 0+1. 
Also, unless the network is GigE or multi-GigE, I don't think your 
going to notice the slower write performance if your really only 
using this for FTP.

If this were a transactional database or another system that required 
random writes, then the RAID 5 might not be what you want. In this 
case it sounds like sequential reads and sequential writes, which 
should be fine on RAID 5.

Now, I am not familiar with the Highpoints... Ron, can FreeBSD boot 
from RAID 5 on these controllers ?

At 02:46 PM 10/22/2005, you wrote:
>A supported RAID controller would do the trick. With that many drives He
>might want to go 0+1 for a total of 600 Gigs. FreeBSD has support for
>Highpoint Technologies RocketRaid controllers. Just build a machine with one
>last week.
>Ron Rosson
>ron at oneinsane.net
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> > Hi Gurus,
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> > One of the people I work with  wants to put 6 200GB hd's into a box to
> > make a (FreeBSD OS) ftp server. Is there a way to do this that makes
> > them all work as one seamless large drive?
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