[SDBUG] Problem installing FreeBSD 6.0

Michael J McCafferty mike at m5computersecurity.com
Sun Apr 30 11:43:56 PDT 2006

I am installing FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE on this following system:

MSI-865GVM3-V Motherboard w/ On-board video set at 1M
Onboard LAN
Western Digital SATA 80GB drive
1GB Kingston RAM
Intel Celeron D 2.66GHz

Installation mehtods: USB CDROM, FTP, IDE CDROM

The problem I am having during installation is that at the end of the
installation, when I go to try and install the src distributions, I get the
following error:

Write failure on transfer! (wrote -1 of 1425408 bytes)

and one additional error depending on the source of the files....

USB CDROM drive:
Unable to transfer the base distribution from cd0

Unable to transfer the base distribution from acd0

My customer complained that he was having seemingly random problems and errors
during compiling stuff. He had a kernel panic once when using Debian on this
system. So, I swapped the whole machine out and I get the same errors during
the FreeBSD 6.0 installation. So.. swapped media, swapped source of files,
swapped the machine. What gives ? Thoughts ? Help !?!?


Michael J. McCafferty
Principal, Security Engineer
M5 Hosting
858-576-7325 Voice

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