[SDBUG] Golf, anyone?

James, Jay jay.james at ti.com
Wed Dec 27 11:21:14 PST 2006

Why perl, may I inquire? One could handily do this in standard shell

So, at the risk of starting a friendly shell war, "how about something
more portable and lightweight?" :)


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Perl Golf that is.. 

In an attempt to shamelessly promote my new employer, Fonality, I
I'd let people know about their Perl Golf challenge. The challenge,
should you choose to accept it, is to create a Roman numeral calculator
using the fewest keystrokes possible.

In addition to being the envy of your peers, there are also prizes,
including up to $350 for the first place. For more information, rules,
and how to enter, see http://www.fonality.com/golf/.

This concludes our irregularly scheduled program.
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