[SDBUG] Solid web browser?

Jeremiah Gowdy jgowdy at cox.net
Thu Jan 26 21:28:22 PST 2006

Maxthon is one of several web browsers based on the IE engine, but with more 
added features such as tabbed browsing.  I'm not terribly interested in 
learning to tune FireFox or loading a second memory hog of an HTML engine, 
when nothing you do is going to remove the Microsoft HTML engine that powers 
IE from memory.  Why not take advantage of it with a superior interface?


The Avant browser is another example of an added value IE based browser with 
a better interface and tabbed browsing.


Or you can load a second HTML engine into memory, learn how to tune it so it 
doesn't run slow as shit, and deal with the fact that most websites are 
designed for and only tested with IE, just for tabbed browsing and to tell 
people you're special and different because you run an alternate browser.  I 
know, hating Microsoft is cool, my bad.

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> Conversation starter-
> Can you guys recommend which is your favorite web browser, and at that, 
> one which stands up to the most abuse and most tabs open at once, pages 
> with Flash Animation, javascript, etc, that won't bring the PC to a crawl?
> I am just too *demanding* in my browsing activities, heh.
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