[SDBUG] Mac Mini?

Matthew T. Lager mlager at kopangroup.com
Mon Jun 12 21:07:57 PDT 2006

I have a Mac Mini Intel Duo Core with 1 gig ram. I love it, don't find 
the need to install another OS on it. Mac OS X has a nice GUI, plus the 
underlining BSD OS w/ Darwin Ports is pretty freaking sleek, especially 
if your already used to BSD. Apple throwing in X11 and Xcode (GCC, etc) 
right on the install CD is very nice too. Though I wouldn't mind seeing 
FreeBSD install on these little buggers for "appliance" purposes 
(firewalls, routers, etc). Although they only have one internal NIC so 
it could be a little tough.


Matthew T. Lager

J. Cordaro wrote:
> I have one of the PPC mac minis.  I don't know if the
> Intel Core Duos changed but on the ppc machines the
> boot partition has to be hfs+ or it won't boot.  At
> the time NetBSD did not do this and it was a pain to
> get it to boot.  I was able to get Fedora running on
> the thing quite easily. 
> http://www.redhat.com/magazine/007may05/features/mac-mini/#fedora-disk-setup-partition
> has more info on the powerpc install process for
> fedora.
> If I were going to buy a laptop, for the money apple
> charges you could get a 3lb laptop that runs a BSD
> just as good as the core duo mac pros do.
> regards,
> Jay Cordaro
> --- Peter Leftwich <Hostmaster at Video2Video.Com> wrote:
>> Hi guys.  I might be interested in getting a Mac
>> Mini.  Can it mount HDD's 
>> that have ufs (44bsd) partitions, ext Linux, and
>> ext2/ext3 Linux 
>> partitions?  Surely it can mount MSDOS and FAT32,
>> right??  Do you 
>> recommend a MacBook Pro (they overheat) over Mac
>> Mini?  Thanks everyone!
>> P.S. Which packages can be pkg_add'ed to OS X?
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