[SDBUG] compiling FreeBSD's "less" and "ls" on linux??

Joseph A. Kitzman joseph at kitzman.org
Fri Sep 22 23:52:30 PDT 2006

Well, if it were me I'd just save time and build gnuls.  Highly
customizable, it'll do pretty much anything you want.

I'm not exactly sure how FreeBSD's less differs from the one in Linux (I
rarely use Linux), but you can build the version used in FreeBSD from
source.  The guy who made it has it available on his website
http://www.greenwoodsoftware.com/less/ (you could have found this in 'man 1


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> Subject: [SDBUG] compiling FreeBSD's "less" and "ls" on linux??
> Hi there and good evening.  On my (ahem) Linux box, I want to use the
> version of "less" (less is not more, but it is a more featureful more,
> heh) that comes with the latest FreeBSD.  Is it pretty straightforward to
> get less's source from the FreeBSD ftp server and compile on my linux box?
> Thanks to anyone who can give me some pointers!
> Come to think of it, since the "ls" (dir) binary does NOT sort properly,
> the way that FreeBSD does, I wonder if I should tackle "ls" too!  :)
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