[SDBUG] More than 4GB of RAM on amd64?

Dave Smith dsmith at n2.net
Thu Nov 12 22:16:30 PST 2009


Very interesting, the 4 GB memory limit was a limit on the 32-bit
software, but the 64 bit operating systems shouldn't have that 

Could it be a hardware limitation?  

What motherboard and/or chipset are you using?


On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 09:29:25PM -0800, Michael J McCafferty wrote:
> All,
> 	I just put OpenBSD 4.6 amd64 on a 8 core server with 16GB of RAM.
> OpenBSD only sees 3.5GB. Am I out of luck? I see a scarce few posts when
> I Google for this. Does anyone have any more info on when/if there
> is/will be support for big memory?
> 	This is for a customer who is using OpenBSD for is eCommerce setup and
> he's really beating up the hardware he has now. He needs more power! :o)
> He is resistant to changing to FreeBSD.
> Thanks!
> Mike
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